Andrea Defends Keeping Children from ‘The Hood of LA’

Despite her love for Los Angeles hubby Lamar Jackson, the west coast will never be the best coast for Andrea Edwards.

A lot of people have questioned the Mormon mother-of-three’s decisions when it comes to her relationship with hood booger, Lamar. Especially, her rash dictatorship trying to trap her husband in Utah with the family. But regardless of criticisms from outside forces, “Mormon-lade” is not flinching on her choices.

In a rant on Instagram following a screenshot of a two out of ten scored LA county school, Andrea shared a troublesome story of her daughter’s first day. She detailed them being offered drugs and even found middle schoolers getting high in her backyard. She also admitted to having no shame in her ‘helicopter mom game,’ by going through her kids’ Instagrams to find inappropriate dancing and smoking videos of all the kids she made her little ones ward off.

Another rant detailed her frustrations in LA’s notoriously high rent prices for the areas she would have lived with her family and safety concerns in neighborhoods that they could afford.

Maybe we can cut Andrea some slack. I mean, can you fault a mother for trying to keep her eggs safe? Or, do you think her hovering will allow those delicate chickadees to crack under real world pressure. Let us know below!

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