An Exclusive Interview W/ Actress & Model Joy Corrigan

Joy Corrigan is an international model and has worked with popular brands including; Guess, Urban Decay, Frankie’s Bikinis and more. She is an actress and has worked alongside Bruce Willis in a couple projects but what makes Joy stand out the most is her clothing brand Naked Species. Not only does she design her own pieces but 10% of the proceeds is donated to the Wild Tomorrow Fund (a non-profit organization dedicated to protect threatened or endangered species).

Chelsie Overocker from AfterBuzz sat down with Joy to see how she is doing during these unpredictable times and to discuss new clothing pieces she is going to launch with Naked Species very soon.

“I’m doing good! I’m currently in Orange County. So beautiful right by the beach and it’s a lot slower than New York. I don’t mind being out here and restaurants are starting to open back up again.”

Orange County is beautiful and they have some of the best beaches in California. Even though SoCal is more laid back compared to New York, Joy is using this downtime designing new pieces for her clothing brand Naked Species with her sister Gina.

“I’ve always loved fashion and my sister is really good on the business side. We wanted a clothing brand that gives back and helps endangered species. We partnered with the Wild Tomorrow Fund and 10% of the proceeds goes to them. The most important thing with the brand are the designs..they are a little more edgy.”

Before creating Naked Species Joy has always had an interest in wanting to save endangered species and knew she wanted to use her platform to make a difference.

“I grew up on a farm in North Carolina from chickens to lamas and grew up breeding them, and riding horses. I have a passion for animals and wildlife. I researched and learned they were getting extinct. I then parented with charities in Africa and used my voice. It makes me sad and I always wanted to do this.”

What makes Naked Species unique is Joy personally designed each piece with her own style and art. She walks us through the process of how she creates her own clothes and what inspires her.

“I get inspired by something I see or read. Right now I’m painting a tiger with a crown on its head and the tiger is smiling. Next what I like to do is take a picture, upload it to photoshop, and put it on a hoodie to see if I like it. Sometimes I also paint and draw it. I’ve been painting since I was able to walk and being in the fashion industry has helped me with creating different pieces.”

While working in the fashion industry for so long were there any clothing brands that inspired you to want to create something similar with Naked Species?

“Yes! If I see a piece that I love I get inspired by that idea and create something of my own that would be better. With Naked Species it has reflective material on my pieces and I made the logo reflective so it will stand out in pictures.”

While currently living out in SoCal Naked Species’ style still has more of a New York vibe.

“I think it’s definitely more New York than California. It’s edgy and that’s what people want and they are looking for something that stands out.”

Joy gushed about a few pieces she is currency creating and is excited to launch soon. Even though her brand reflects more of a New York Style the California vibe has definitely inspired her with her new collection.

“A recycled bikini in a snake print is launching in two weeks. So excited about that. I also have face masks that are coming out soon and launching comfy sweatpants that are unisex with the reflective logo. I thought unisex sweatpants would be great pieces to add right now during this time.”

These are great pieces to add to Naked Species since everyone is working from home and would like to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. Joy also opened up that with all of her success in the fashion industry, being able to create something that other people love is one of the best feelings as an artist.

“Something coming to life that no one has created and seeing other people loving the clothes, I started crying.”

What a great feeling to know other people appreciate your work. We know Joy has many customers that love her brand but we wanted to know what her favorite pieces were.

“I really love my reflective windbreaker that’s bright orange and it’s the number one seller… I love the tie dye t-shirt that’s also our number seller. I designed it how I wanted it and no one has the same tie dye print and it’s super comfy.”

We do love the orange windbreaker and what a great color. It definitely does stand out and have that edgy look.

A lot of business suffered from Covid-19 and Joy expresses how the coronavirus had an impact with Naked Species.

“It definitely changed things. I had two employees that were working with me and then we had to work remotely which changed the whole environment and everything became online but also became an opportunity to adapt to a new culture. Everything is online now and it can be hard but doable. During this downtime I am able to put my creative ideas into work and painting nonstop. I love these new pieces that people can wear at home.”

Covid also affected Joy’s modeling career and had to adapt to the “new normal” of booking photo shoots.

“It’s surprising how some brands will have you do the shoot from home. They will send me the clothes and I will set up a self timer. It’s all changing a lot [laughs] I started working again and now I’m back on set and sometimes if the client is not there we FaceTime. At home shoots it’s different. Sometimes to get booked they will ask you what type of camera you have and will send them the location you are at. Thank God I’m on the beach [laughs].”

Not only does Joy model in front of the camera but she acts. She has worked with some amazing actors on set and one of them being Bruce Willis.

“He is such an inspiration and his work ethic is impeccable. He only has a few takes. Comes super prepared and has this confidence and energy. It’s cool to watch. Hopefully I can be like that.” Corrigan explains, “such an honor and learned so much.”

For Joy, there were some similarities and challenges she had to overcome in transitioning from modeling to acting. To become an actress she dedicated herself to learning.

“Taking non stop acting classes for the last four years and now having the opportunity to be on set. Reading a script and becoming a different person is the same concept with modeling. When I’m in a shoot sometimes I have to act like a different character and not be myself. However, as a model you have to be more worried about how you look for a shoot to be successful but with acting they pay more attention to the character you’re playing and less about your looks.”

Coming from a humble background and growing up with six brothers and three sisters. Joy has always felt support with the people close to her but even with the amount of success Joy has already accomplished she is still striving to do more.

“After I moved out of North Carolina and signed with an agency in Miami I never dreamed of the possibilities. Working in Germany, Australia, Africa and getting to travel. From there my career started growing and having dedication and not giving up.”

Thank you Joy for talking with AfterBuzz TV about Naked Species and your wonderful partnership with the Wild Tomorrow Fund. Be sure to check out the collection and her new pieces that will be launching soon. We all could use some comfy sweatpants right now!

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