‘Among Us’ Has Skyrocketed YouTubers into Stardom!

Among Us has some YouTubers seeing a meteoric rise in their channels growth!

Among Us is a party game that was originally released in 2018, yet, during quarantine, it has garnered the attention of the masses. It has grown so big that people such as AOC and Ilhan Omar have played the game with popular livestreamers in order to promote voting in the recent election.

For some Youtubers, Among Us has been the catalyst they’ve been looking for to cause their YouTube numbers to skyrocket. For Youtuber Disguised Toast, the game has caused his channel to blow up in a way that he couldn’t have predicted.

In this graph, we can see that since November 2019, he was only seeing a very slight increase in subscribers every month, sitting around 1 million. Since September of this year, as he has started to post almost strictly Among Us content, he has nearly tripled his subscriber count. Here is an image of what Disguised Toast’s numbers were like before Among Us:

He’s pulling in roughly 200k-300k views per video posting Team Fight Tactics videos. These are not numbers to scoff at, but look at how Among Us has changed his channel:

He’s pulling in, on average, 2 million views on every single video. He has more than quadrupled his averaged view count all because he decided to play this party game with his friends and post their games.

If you’re a Youtuber looking to restart your channel, take note of this! I’m not saying completely switching the content of your channel will automatically cause your numbers to skyrocket, however, a shift in content can sometimes be the key you’re looking for to get your feet off the ground. Disguised Toast seems to have hit the jackpot here.

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