Altered Carbon Discussion, Was the Cloverfield Paradox good? | Netflix Picks

Welcome to the weekly roundup of Netflix News. Our hosts break down what’s happening on the platform each week, and make sure you’re in the know about all things NETFLIX.

Here’s what’s arriving on Netflix this week February 11th- 17th:

February 14

Greenhouse Academy: Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Love Per Square Foot (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

February 15

Deep Undercover Collection: Collection 2

Re:Mind: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

February 16

DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 6 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Evan Almighty

Everything Sucks!: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Irreplaceable You (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

First Team: Juventus: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

February 17

Blood Money

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