Allegra Lines Them Up And Knocks Them Down – S1 E10 ‘Briarpatch’ After Show

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An intelligent investigator, a death in the family, and a town full of secrets. What more could you ask for!? Tune in every week to the Briarpatch After Show Podcast, where we break down all of the latest storylines, plot development, and more! Only on Afterbuzz TV.

Episode Recap

In this dramatic series finale of Briarpatch, Allegra sets her plan in motion to take down Gene Colder and everyone else who had a role to play in the death of her sister, Felicity. This all leads to an intense showdown in Packing Town where Allegra and Jake meet with Clyde Brattle, and it is revealed that Chief Raytek was actually the second bomber, killing Strucker to cover her own tracks. A power struggle for the evidence against the senator ensues and results in the deaths of Clyde Brattle, Gene Colder, and Chief Raytek. As Jake walks away, the last man standing, it is revealed that Allegra had the real evidence hidden all along. The group was actually fighting over the wrong recording, the one of Felicity asking none other than Jake Spivey for help. With this shocking reveal, Jake confronts Allegra at her childhood home, unable to pull the trigger, as he lets her walk away victorious in vengeance. With the evidence against the senator in her back pocket, Allegra is relinquished from the clutches of Cyrus and leaves San Bonifacio as a free woman.Follow us on

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