Allegra And Jake Dig Themselves Out of A Tight Spot – S1 E9 ‘Briarpatch’ Recap & Review

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An intelligent investigator, a death in the family, and a town full of secrets. What more could you ask for!? Tune in every week to the Briarpatch After Show Podcast, where we break down all of the latest storylines, plot development, and more! Only on Afterbuzz TV.

Episode Recap

When Allegra and Jake escape their captor, they find themselves in a difficult situation as their van crashes in the middle of the desert. Once all Hope seems to be lost, a camel leads Jake and Allegra to Candy Bar Bains, the man behind the mysterious radio transmissions and heir to the Bains sugar fortune. As he helps Allegra and Jake get back to town, Chief Raytek meets with Cyrus, and the two strike an unlikely deal. Meanwhile, Clyde Brattle meets with the senator, offering him names of corrupt politicians in exchange for his freedom. As the two parties reach a foul agreement, A.D. records the entire encounter, giving Allegra the leverage she needs to take them all down.

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