All-Star Moments From First 4 Episodes Of ‘The Circle’ Season 3

Season 3 of Netflix’s The Circle just dropped last week and we couldn’t be more excited! Here are some of the most jaw-dropping moments from the first 4 episodes!

The Circle is finally back!

This past Wednesday, Netflix premiered the highly anticipated third season of their reality competition series, introducing eleven new cast members across four brand new episodes. 

Throughout the show, players can only communicate with each other through ‘The Circle,” a computer program that creates a “group chat” where players can speak through an individual, group, and full Circle chat messaging. 

While isolated in their own apartments, contestants can take on whatever identity they’d like — with some choosing to go into the game as themselves and others taking part as “catfishes” (depending on their individual strategy). The contestants then rate one another, with the top two “Influencers” holding the power to eliminate or “block” one contestant out of the game towards the ultimate cash prize of $100,000.

There have already been so many shocking and iconic moments in just the first four episodes of the new season. Here are some of our absolute favorites so far!

*Spoilers for The Circle Season 3 ahead*

The Return of Ava and Chanel

Credit: Netflix

In episode one, the first round of ratings occurs, with the players discovering if they will continue in the game. 

The first set of ratings is revealed to be:

  1. Kai – 30, singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Calvin – 30, private chef and trainee firefighter from Miami, Florida
  3. Daniel – 20, student from Palm Harbor, Florida
  4. (TIE)  Nick – 27, tech company worker from Austin, Texas & Ashley (catfish) – played by Matthew, 20, health and fitness consultant from Long Island, New York 
  5. Ava (somewhat catfish) – 25, singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California, playing as herself with the help of her sister, Chanel, 42
  6. Ruksana – 35, payroll administrator, mother, and wife from Union, New Jersey
  7. Michelle – 52, comedian and “dog mom,” Southern belle from Pacolet, South Carolina

Different from previous seasons, Kai was given the “solo influencer” title, where she alone can choose who goes home this episode. After deliberation, Kai decides to send Ava home, although there is a twist!

Credit: Netflix

Ava and her sister, Chanel, are given another opportunity to re-enter ‘The Circle’ by committing identity theft. Over the next 24 hours, they have to clone a player currently in the game and convince the players that they are the real contestants (not the catfish). This concept is brand new to the circle, and we are living for the suspense!

The Michelle Showdown

The most jaw dropping moments from first 4 episodes
Credit: Netflix

In episode two, Ava and Chanel choose to clone Michelle, targeting her as they believe her game is already weak. After a day filled with manipulation, strategy, and in-depth conversations with the other contestants, the sisters are able to make a convincing case, to the shock of the real Michelle.

Credit: Netflix

“You make a Southern lady wanna cuss!” Michelle said, “I don’t know why any of this is happening.”

We feel you, Michelle! As this is completely unprecedented in the world of The Circle, we were just as confused and shocked as the Southern belle. 

Despite her valiant efforts, the true Michelle is eliminated after the players unanimously agree to block her, with Ava and Chanel taking her spot in the game. Unbeknownst to the other contestants, they have just sent the wrong Michelle home, allowing a catfish to progress in the game. 

We are sad to see Michelle go, but that is the democracy of The Circle.

Ruksana The Fierce

Credit: Netflix

“This is me, all the way, full-body, to kind of share that I am actually a little person,” Ruksana said. 

Ruksana was born with a condition called achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. 

In episode three, contestants play the ‘Flashback Photo’ game where players are all given the opportunity to share a throwback picture of themselves (or those they are catfishing as) for the other contestants to view and comment on. 

Ruksana shared a fierce, full-body photo of herself, showing the other players that she is moving through the game as her genuine, authentic self. 

“Ruksana, I really loved that photo of you; it really made a big statement #BeYou #BeProud,” said Calvin. “I think Ruksana would appreciate that message because that was a big statement —  I like how she said this is who I am, accept me for who I am.”

This interaction gave Ruksana her chance to fully express her true self with the other contestants and solidified the budding alliance between her and Calvin. 

Two New Catfish

Credit: Netflix

Two new players unexpectedly enter the game, or do they? 

We are introduced to Sophia, a 22-year-old student from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She will be entering the game as a catfish, portraying her older sister Isabella. She plans to use her brain and her sister’s beauty as an advantage in the competition. 

Next, we meet Rachel, a 24-year-old marketing manager at an advertising agency. She is also entering as a catfish, portraying her best friend’s boyfriend, Jackson. She plans to flirt with girls to enhance her game, hoping to build valuable connections this way. 

“Me catfishing as Jackson can’t lose!” Rachel said. 

Keep in mind that although these players were introduced, they will remain safe from their first blocking. 

We can’t wait to get to know these players more in the upcoming episodes! With two new catfishes, The Circle is about to get a lot more interesting. 

The second set of ratings is revealed to be:

  1. Ruksana
  2. Kai
  3. Nick
  4. Daniel
  5. (TIE) Calvin & Ashley
  6. Michelle

Kai and Ruksana’s Reign

Credit: Netflix

As the top two in this round of ratings, Ruksana and Kai are the “Influencers.” As they discuss and prepare to block a player, they are informed that they must block this contestant in person. After coming to a decision, Kai steps up to do the blocking, allowing Ruksana to enjoy her first place position. 

Ruksana and Kai decide to eliminate Michelle, which, as we know, are catfishes, Ava and Chanel. Kai heads to their apartment, where she meets them face-to-face. The shock on Kai’s face is enough for us to be content with the cliffhanger that is episode four, as new episodes are set to be released every Wednesday.

Be on the lookout for episode five, premiering Sept. 15, to find out Ava and Chanel’s fate!

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