ALL ABOARD THE NEW SERIES! – S1 E1’Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’ Recap & Review

Below Deck is  HUGE FRANCHISE! So we gotta cover ALL OF IT! Join us for the AFTERBUZZ TV Below Deck After Show where we break down every episode of Below Deck! From Mediterranean to Yacht Sailing and more! Join us for weekly discussions, tea, and news! Subscribe and comment!
In today’s episode, Captain Glenn Shephard, Ciara Duggan, and Paget Barry welcome new yachties on a disheveled sailboat that they have lived on for the past 9 months. Now all new yachties are hastily trying to turn the boat around. We are introduced to strong personalities, including a strong willed new Chief Stew named Jenna MacGillivray and a fan-favorite Chef Adam Glick. Pink-haired lovable stew Madison Stalker is the boat’s self-proclaimed “energizer bunny.” Couple Ciara and Paget finally working together for the first time. The guests on board are suspiciously easy-going until addition Guy and his so-called ‘Wife” arrive, and drama will ensue. What Happened In This Episode of TV? 4-8 Sentences recapping the episode.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Akilah Ffriend, Nate Harris, Amir Yassai, Elizabeth Pena

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