Alex & Navi Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Flirty Dancing’ Recap & Review

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If learning a dance and then dancings with a stranger sounds like your idea of falling in love – we have just the show for you! On THE FLIRTY DANCING AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’ve got you covered breaking down all the romance, drama, double-left-footedness, and more! Every week we’ll be discussing the latest episode of this new experimental dating series! Subscribe and comment to stay up to ‘date’! (That’s a pun!)

Episode Recap

Danielle is a single woman with a MAN-a-fest. She is a business owner who loves racing cars. Misses he mom who has passed away and loves the love he dad always showed her mom. She is looking for love on the Dance floor and has to chose between Jason the Pilot and Cody the Personal Assistant. Host Jenna and choreographer Dominique see if they can help Danielle dance her way to love. While Choreographer Sharna Burgess works with from Oakland A’s player and real estate investor Jordan find the perfect match for he and his 7-year old daughter. Sparks fly for Jordan after he gets a kiss on his romantic flirty dance.
  • Today’s After show is hosted by Adiamond Bake, Jackie Rae, Alfred Thomas.

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