Ahsoka’s Back! *Screams Into The Void* – S7 E5 ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ Recap & Review

The Star Wars Clone Wars After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Disney+’s Star Wars Clone Wars.

Season 7 Episode 5

The episode begins with Ahsoka riding on a speeder to the underworld of Coruscant. The speeder malfunctions and she crash-lands conveniently onto a mechanic’s platform. Trace offers to help fix her speeder, but some underworld mobsters get in the way. Trace’s sister Rafa comes up with a plan to build them droids and sell them for a profit. Ahsoka helps them build the droids and one of them malfunctions, leading to a destructive rampage. They chase it down, turn it off, and Ahsoka reveals her ability to use the force to save Trace’s life.

This After Show was hosted by Rachel Goodman and Ryan Nilsen!

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