Agni Kai & Dresses On Guys – S1 E3 & E4 ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ After Show

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Long ago, Teen-Nick made awesome content. Then, everything changed when coronavirus attacked. Only Avatar: The Last Airbender from 2005 could entertain people, but in 2008 it vanished (completed). Twelve years passed and a network discovered a new After Show, a retro rewind of perfect TV, and although our panelists are remaining safe indoors, we have a lot of time remaining for isolation, but I believe the AFTERBUZZ TV AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER AFTER SHOW can save the world.

Episode 3 recap
Aang, Katara, and Sokka make their way to the Southern Air Temple for Aang to discover what happened to his people. Aang learns of the genocide of his people and inadvertently alerts the Fire Nation to his return. Zuko and Iroh go to get their ship fixed and are met by Captain Zhao. After being interrogated, Zuko challenges Zhao to an Agni Kai for a fight for his honor.

Episode 4 recap
After leaving the Southern Air Temple, the Gaang heads to Kyoshi Island for Aang to go swimming with giant Koi fish but the group is captured by the Kyoshi warriors. We get out the introduction to Suki and Sokka learns some humility at the hands of the all-female warriors. Zuko and his soldiers invade Kyoshi Island forcing Aang, Katara, and Sokka to leave the island to protect the residents.

This episode was hosted by Alexis Torres, Gunner Thomas, Elgin Ball, & Eric Jewell 

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