After the Fire – S4 E18 ‘This Is Us’ Review

If you thought your family was the only one with disfunction, you are sorely mistaken. Join Kevin, Kate, Randall, Jack, and Rebecca as they teach us about the ups and downs of life and prove that with your family by your side there is always a way! On THE THIS IS US AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, our hosts discuss the lessons learned every episode as well as bring you the latest news and gossip surrounding the show and cast. Also make sure to stay tuned to find out what the biggest tear jerker moment was as well as what our hosts think will happen next on the This is Us After Show!
What could have, would have happened if Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) lived after the fire? Would life be better than what it is now? Or would life obviously have taken its tolls in different directions? Randall (Sterling K. Brown) delves deep into “What Ifs” with his therapist and how he truly feels about Rebecca (Mandy Moore) keeping the secret about William (Ron Cephas Jones) for so long. Randall convinces Rebecca to do the trial in St. Louis. This is the last episode before the finale…
  • This After Show Was Hosted By: Candice Cruz (@CandiceRCruz), Danny Royce (@IAmDannyRoyce), Parris Rose (@ParrisRose) and Haley Graves (@HaleyGravess)

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