After 9 years alone, Marie lives her own life! – S1 E4 ‘For Life’ Recap & Review

The powerful new drama featuring a life stolen and how to answer that with a new path. Join us on the FOR LIFE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST where every week, we’ll be breaking down the plot development and social commentary. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode 4 was all about the flashback and this week took us back to the very beginning when times were good for Aaron and Marie at Jasmine’s 7th birthday party. Aarons friends flipped on him in court and times got hard, so Marie had to boss up and put herself through nursing school. As the years went by we get to see the moment she called it quits, asking Aaron for a divorce, and the moment her relationship with Darius went to a point of no return.

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Keith Andre @keith_andre, Emily Mae @emilymaeheller, Jeff Will @jeffwilljr, and Dot McDonald @dotmcdonald

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