Ace Nadjiwon Talks New Paramount+ Medical Drama Series ‘SkyMed’!

There’s a new series called SkyMed on Paramount+, and it’s a must-watch! One of the stars of the show, Ace Nadjiwon gives the details on what to expect from this new series.

There’s a new must-watch medical drama on Paramouint+ that is breaking boundaries. It’s called SkyMed and follows nurses and pilots embarking on high stake medical rescues while working for an air ambulance service.

One of the stars of the show Ace Nadjiwan, who plays Captain Austen Bodie talked with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About it to discuss what it’s like working on a series that’s changing the medical drama game and what he hopes for the future of the show.

“When I found out I got the show I was ecstatic. I didn’t fully believe it until I touched down in Winnipeg to film. When I got the call I was insolating a ceiling and was told they wanted to meet me. After that Zoom meeting, I was asked if I can be on a plane in 6 hours.” Said Nadjiwan on how he found out he booked the role of Captain Austen Bodie.


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Austen Bodie is an ambitious pilot who had it easy his whole life. He was adopted into a well-off family and leaves for Thompson to find more about his birth mother.


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“Bodie is pretty toxic, but he comes from a good place. I don’t come from a white picket fence family. I had to grind for every inch.” Said Nadjiwan about the differences between him and his character. “Where Bodie comes from, he’s had this straight and narrow path for so long that when it starts to deviate, he has trouble coping and understanding, and it gives him a little internal turmoil.”

Being on this type of series required a lot of hard work to learn about what nurses and pilots do in their day-to-day job.

“We trained with real pilots, and they taught me everything I needed to know about flying. On the first day, we did a lot of aviation training, and as we filmed the show, there was always a pilot on set. I want to pay my respect to these unsung heroes who are going through a lot saving lives in the North.” Said Nadjiwan. “Through this experience, I have taken to flying, and I’m trying to get my small plane license now.”

Popular medical dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy have a history of lasting for many seasons, and Nadjiwan sees the same outcome with SkyMed.

“I’ve always said six seasons is a solid run, but honestly, we have an amazing team of writers, and I know whether it be six or ten seasons, I know the show is going to go on for a while, and it’s going to be great. We have a lot of stories to tell.”

SkyMed is streaming now on Paramount+. Catch the full interview with Ace Nadjiwan below.

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