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What do you get when you get four drag queens to plan an engaged woman’s wedding? TLC’s fabulous new show. Join us on the DRAGNIFICENT! AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we follow these four RuPaul’s Drag Race Alum help create that special day! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

The first episode of Dragnificent made us so happy we could cry, but it wasn’t all fabulous! On this episode, we meet Corrine, a Jersey-based pro wrestler who struggles with her body image and feeling beautiful. Our fabulous queens Thorgy, Jujubee, Bebe, and Alexis show up to the ring, where Corrine is mixing it up with wrestling eye-candy Ray Jaz. Thorgy Thor gets to hit him with a fabulous scoop slam and claim her as her fiancé, and we were here for it. After, Corrine begins wedding dress shopping but doesn’t like any of the options that Juju and Alexis pick out for her, until she finally finds the perfect dress that leaves her crying tears of joy. Also, Bebe sets up the space for the wedding reception and Corrine (death) drops a huge bomb on Bebe. Corrine requests that Bebe and the other queens show up out of drag to her Catholic wedding ceremony and Bebe agrees with poise and grace like only she can. In the end, the wedding looks beautiful, Corrine looks beautiful, the Queens look beautiful, and everything works out for the best. All this and more on the Dragnificent AfterShow!

This AfterShow was hosted by Cody Epperson, Bryant Santos, Adiamond Baker, and Jeroslyn Johnson.

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