A Surprise Proposal and 5 Alarm Fire Heat Things Up on Station 19 – S3 E11 ‘Station 19’ Recap & Review

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The Station 19 AfterBuzz TVAfter Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of ABC’s Station 19. Join our hosts every single week for plot breakdowns, character discussion, news, and more!

Travis gets roped into a revealing brunch with Dixon, Emmett and Emmett’s girlfriend. Carina attempts to let loose on vacation but Mya has trouble not focusing on work. Ben auditions his former Grey Sloan Hospital pals to see if they’d work as partners for his Physician Response Team. Jack becomes the baby Pruitt whisperer as he helps a struggling Dean and Vic survive co-parenting. Sullivan proposes to Andy after they reveal their love to Pruitt. They then team up to protect mistreated employees from Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). A 5 Alarm fire requires all hands on deck.
  • This After Show Was Hosted By: Linda Antwi (@lindaissogirlie) & Tsahai M. Wilson (@SayHiTsahai)

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