A Quick Look at the Hollywood Strikes & Celebs Sharing Support!

We’re taking a look into the massive strikes impacting the entertainment industry and sharing what some celebs have had to say about it.

We’ve all heard of the strike clogging the entertainment industry, yet it’s worth bearing in mind the severity of it all. George Clooney has dubbed revolution an “inflection point on our industry.” For good reason, too — this is the first time the Writers’ Guild has stopped labor since the ‘07-‘08 strike. The Screen Actors’ Guild has coupled with them making for the first actor/writer co-strike in over six decades. Insufficient salaries and the looming threat of AI in the entertainment sector make up the vast majority of the fear Hollywood is facing. The pandemic may have put a halt on its proceedings, but — to use a beaten-to-death descriptor — this is an unprecedented turn of events.

Here’s what other celebs have said concerning this watershed moment for Hollywood.

Patton Oswalt didn’t hold anything back about his thoughts.

Margot Robbie let us know she’s definitely in support of all unions.

Keke Palmer let us know she is hoping for quick resolve but not without the unions getting what they deserve.

Many other celebrities have gone beyond clips and Tweets to share their feelings. Daniel Radcliffe, for instance, said to Vanity Fair that “Technology has changed so much about the industry in the last 10 years, it feels like it’s absolutely time. There will need to be a recalibration in order for everybody to work still, to be able to attract great people to the industry, great writers and great actors. And also along with all the AI stuff […] that feels very important right now. We are probably one of the first industries that’s going to have a say in how this stuff affects us. It’s going to be probably the first of many that will have some version of this conversation.”

To put it lightly, it’s serious — and worth supporting these folks in their crusade to make something essential to our well being ethical.

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