A New Twilight Zone, An X-Files Alum Gets ‘Haunted’ & Lucifer Does Vegas | Horror TV Weekly

Hosted by Chauncey Robinson, Oliver Drennan, Alana Jordan, and Lacretia Lyon – A weekly series that covers storylines, news and announcements from the TV world of horror, covering shows such as Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Bates Motel, Scream Queens, The Strain, Scream, Outcast, iZombie, Z Nation, Dead of Summer and many others. Throughout the series we’ll bring in guests to join in on the fun!

On Today’s Episode:

Hosts Lacretia Lyon, Chauncey Robinson and Roger Corral discuss the new Horror pilot Amazon just dropped with Glenn Close, Sea Oak, as well as the fate of the Scream reboot in wake of the Weinstein scandal, and more. Plus some quick recaps of your favorite horror TV shows like Lucifer.

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