A New Big Family and a Retired Wrestler – S1 E1 & E2 ‘The Big Show Show’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Lola arrives in Florida to move in with her dad the Big Show but her arrival is not what she expected. Lola is received by the upsetting news that she will have to share rooms with her little sister JJ who is a horrible sleeper. Lola regrets her decision of moving in full time with her dad, step mother and half sisters but the family works hard to make her feel welcomed.

In episode 2, the Big Show is questioned during career day by JJ’s class after finding out that he has retired from wrestling and isn’t currently doing anything with his career. Big Show seeks the help of his wife and has the brilliant idea of working with her but it does not go as planned! Tune in to find out how the family deals with all of the obstacles that come their way.

  • This show was hosted by Leslie Colon @lesliecolon_ , Emily Mae @emilymaeheller, Kelsey Meyer @kelsmeyer2 and Bryant Santos @thebryantsantos

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