A Journey Into Mandalore: ‘The Mandalorian’ Recap & Speculation!

Din and Grogu have returned in the first two episodes of The Mandalorian Season 3! This first batch of episodes was full of surprises, and we have a complete breakdown, plus speculation on where the season could be heading!

**Spoilers for the first two episodes of Season 3 are below**

After a wait of over 2 years, plus a season of The Book of Boba Fett in the meantime, The Mandalorian season 3 has finally hit Disney+!

More Serialisation

While The Mandalorian has always had an overarching story, the show has often functioned very episodically, with every episode focusing on a different Mando and Grogu adventure, but so far, this season is much more interested in telling a larger story. The first two episodes focused on Din’s journey to bathe in the living waters and redeem himself in the eyes of the armorer. This gave us our first live-action look at Mandalore after it was seized during the clone wars.

Surprisingly there are a lot of creatures still living on the planet, including some sort of robotic creature that Grogu and Bo Katan had to save Din from.

With the episode ending on a major cliffhanger, it is clear that Jon Favreau and company plan to continue down this path of Mandalorian culture, and we are all here for it. While the episode adventures of the first two seasons were fun and led to some iconic moments, after the masterpiece that was Andor, it is refreshing to have a grander scale for Mando to play in this season.

Bo Katan & the Mythosourus

This week we finally got to see Bo Katan weald the dark saber. While Din is still the weapon’s true owner, she was able to slice and dice a few limbs with it. For fans of The Clone Wars, this was a pretty sweet moment, and we can only hope that this season brings more moments like this.

For a while now, it has felt that Din was going on a journey to become a less conservative Mandalorian, and Bo Katan seemed to be a big part of his journey. Maybe he would start to live his life closer to how she does, still living by a creed but being able to remove his helmet and not be so strict with the rules. However, when the Mythosourus was revealed to be lurking in the living waters, it clearly shook Bo Katan to her core.

The appearance of Mythosourus confirms that at least some of the Mandalorian legends are true. How does Bo Katan take this info, and how does it change her relationship with Din? We’ll just have to wait for next week.

Predictions on What’s to Come

Next week’s episode is directed by Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung. Minari is one of the best films of the past few years, so we know that the episode will at least be visually beautiful. It is also being written by Book of Boba Fett alumni Noah Kloor. As for what to expect from the plot, we can only assume that Bo Katan will be a major focus, not just in the next episode but for the rest of the season. Her adventure with Mando has clearly changed her thinking, and we might be heading down a path to repopulate Mandalore. We could also see the inclusion of more Mandalorians like Koska Reeves or even Boba Fett. It was strange that Mando stopped by Tatooine, and we didn’t even get a mention of Fett.

You can catch the next episode of The Mandalorian Wednesday, March 15th, on Dinsey+.

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