A Gas Leak Can’t Stop The American Idols – S18 E2 ‘American Idol’ Recap & Review

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In the second episode of Season 18, we saw a wide variety of auditions. We heard contestants sing the blues, perform multiple original songs and showcase their unique personal talents. The episode was certainly not shy of tearjerkers including hopefuls sharing stories about losing family members and battling addiction. We had two couples audition together and separately this time around, without everyone getting a “yes” to Hollywood. The judges went through their own turmoil when an unexpected gas leak hit the stage. Thankfully, everyone was safe from the gas but unfortunately not all of the contestants made it to the City of Angels. 

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Trina Dong @heytrinadong, Lisa Masi @lisammasi, Humza Khan @humza_mania

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