A Boy and His Grandpa Face Mortality – S1 E4 ‘Tales From the Loop’ Recap & Review

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If there was a machine that could figure out the secrets of the universe… how big would it be? Apparently big enough for people to live on it; because on the Tales From The Loop AfterBuzz TV After Show, we are breaking down each episode of this ‘loopy’ amazon show! Join us every episode for discussions on plot, theory, and amazement. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Cole catches fire flies in a jar but doesn’t realize that without adding holes to the lid that they’ll die. Grandpa Russ, the man in charge of The Loop, soon learns that his life will be coming to an end.
At the “Echo Sphere” Cole learns that by listening to the echo’s of his own voice he can learn how long he has left in life. He asks grandpa to yell into it but nothing comes back.
Is Cole able to figure out how to save his grandpa? To figure out how to “add holes” to the lid of grandpa’s life?
Cole assumes that he can use Grandpa’s work — The Eclipse — to save him but his mom, Loretta, tells him that that’s just not possible. (This is opposite of what Grandpa Russ told Cole that, “My job is to prove impossible things are possible.)
Grandpa dies and Cole returns to the “Echo Sphere” where we get to see his future life flash before us. Fire flies fill the inside of the sphere.
Hosted by Loren Kling and Kevin Allen.

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