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AFTERBUZZ TV – 90210 edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s 90210. In this show, host Nicolette Gaona breaks down the “902–100” episode in which, in the special 100th episode, Naomi wants to get into a West Beverly High Alumni group, who are throwing an alumni event at the high school and does everything in her power to get in, such as donating a building, injuring her opponent in a football game, and throwing an after-party at the Playboy Mansion. When she meets the woman who has been sabatoging her events, she finds out that in high school, she bullied the girl because she used to be overweight. She comes to the conclusion that being in the alumni group is not important to her because high school sucked and apologizes to every one of her fellow alumni that she has ever hurt by embarrassing herself. When she returns home, she finds out that Bryce played Max and got him fired from the company once again, hurting their fragile relationship. Teddy returns for the alumni event and tells Silver that Shane broke up with him. Shane shows up and reveals that Teddy has been ignoring him. Teddy tells Silver that he is scared of getting into a serious relationship due to what happened with him and Ian, so Silver decides to show Teddy that it is okay to face your fears by performing her burlesque act in front of everyone. Teddy and Shane decide to continue their relationship but Shane gets mad when he finds out Teddy and Silver are having a baby and tells him that they need to talk. Meanwhile, Dixon is happy when Adrianna signs with his record label until he finds the video of Adrianna kissing Taylor. When he confronts her about it, she tells Dixon that she slept with him. Adrianna’s worst fears are realized when Dixon takes the news very badly and breaks up with her. But before she leaves, Dixon tells her that even though they are no longer together, he still owns her due to her signing with his record label and decides to call it: Unfaithful Records, and he also plans on giving her a very hard time. Annie gets a double blast from the past when she sees her ruthless overachieving cousin, Emily, at the event and finds out she is now a successful blogger, making her feel like she is a failure. She also sees her former flame Jasper Herman, who wants to apologize to Liam for what happened between the three of them, two years ago. When Liam continues to get threats about Vanessa, he tells Annie about what happened to Vanessa and the two confront Jasper, who reveals he is now in film school and wants Liam to read his script as a sign of forgiveness, plus Jasper knows nothing about Vanessa. Liam accepts Jasper’s offer. Annie decides to start her own blog and writes about her relationship with Patrick. Liam forgives Navid and has him move into the Offshore while Liam moves to a new undetected house. It is revealed at the end of the episode, that Vanessa is indeed alive and enjoying herself, but it is still not made clear if she is the one behind the threats against Liam. Carmen Electra, Denise Richards guest star and Taio Cruz performs There to help Nicolette is co-host Bamm Ericsen. It’s 90210’s “902–100” podcast!

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