90210 S:4 | Let The Games Begin E:4 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – 90210 edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s 90210. In this show, host Nicolette Gaona breaks down the episode “Let The Games Begin” in which Naomi attempts to get revenge on Holly by having Naomi’s geek sorority compete against Holly’s sorority in the annual Greek Games, though it does not go to plan when Max turns up at the Greek games after getting an invite from Holly. Naomi drags Ivy into joining her sorority to help with the competition as Ivy continues to worry about Raj’s health. Austin also steps in to offer assistance to Naomi to bring down Holly, despite Naomi’s continuing annoyance of him. Annie finds herself torn between her loyalty to both Naomi and Holly while deciding to accept Bree’s job offer as a paid escort. Meanwhile, Navid allows Dixon to rent out a recording studio who continues struggling with making a music deadline. Silver decides to film a commercial for Liam’s bar, but the work doesn’t go as planned. While Liam continues his growing relationship with Jane, Adrianna thinks she has a stalker when a strange man begins following her, and it turns out to be Jane’s husband, Jim, who tells Adrianna not to tell anybody he’s alive. There to help Nicolette are co-hosts Fancy Tracy and Sasha Gaona. It’s 90210’s “Let The Games Begin” podcast!

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