‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Paul Says Wife Karine Is Not W/ Him In Brazil

‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Paul is dispelling rumors that wife Karine is with him in Brazil and admits he will probably never see her or his children again!

Ever since Karine left Paul, taking their son Pierre with her, he has littered his social media feeds with reminders of them.

Lately fans had noticed he was back in Brazil and wondered if that meant the two were reuniting and moving back. However, Paul has laid those rumors to rest.

He posted to his Instagram stories letting everyone know that not only was he not chasing Karine back to Brazil, she was actually still in the states. He said the only reason he was in Brazil was to make sure their home there was safe and sanitary for the babies.

In the same post he stated that he hasn’t seen his son since July and has accepted the fact that he will probably never see Pierre or Karine again and will most likely never meet his unborn child.

He also mentioned that his mother is having a mental breakdown because she isn’t allowed to see her grandson either.

For all parties involved we hope that Paul and Karine can come to a civil agreement and that part of this could be an overreaction from Paul as it has been in the past. Although with Karine filing for a restraining order it may be more serious this time around.

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