‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Jihoon Breaks Silence On Break-Up W/ Deavan!

‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Jihoon breaks his silence on his and Deavan’s split, not having his son, and his frustrations over his portrayal on the show. 

Jihoon and Deavan have certainly not had the easiest of times throughout their relationship. Between the language barriers, lies, and cultural differences their relationship has been through it all. On the current season of 90 Day Fiance it has been looking like the beginning of the end for these two, and we now know it was.

We know that Deavan has been stateside for a while now and has seemingly been in a new relationship with Christopher “Topher” Park. She recently got a lot of flack after dressing him and Taeyang in matching shirts.

The main question on everyone’s minds though is how is Jihoon handling all of this? He has been pretty quiet on social media, deleting all of his photos and posting depressing Instagram stories. Now the reality star has finally decided to share his feelings about what is going on.

He posted a photo of his son to his Instagram expressing his sorrow over not having custody of Taeyang as well as his frustrations about not being able to speak English. He goes on to say that viewers see him as a fool and how he is misunderstood.

He even shares that he has blocked all of Deavan and her family on social media. Although he does mention in the comments that he does not want the fans to blame Deavan. He urges us all to watch the Tell All to know everything.

It’s important to remember that while we watch reality television for entertainment, these are real people with feelings. What we see unfold on screen may just be a moment for us but this is their entire world.

We wish both Jihoon and Deavan the best and hope some sort of arrangement can be met to have Taeyang in both of their lives.

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