‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Charlie Potthast Slammed By Fans On Instagram

After Charlie blasts Andrei on the latest ‘90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ episode, fans share their thoughts on his Instagram feed.

The relationship between Andrei and his inlaws on 90 Day Fiance has never been the most loving, but the drama has only escalated since Elizabeth’s family traveled to Moldova.

It all started when Elizebeth’s brother Charlie and her father Chuck were at dinner with her, Andrei, and Andrei’s friends. Charlie and Chuck started asking questions about Andrei’s past, which he was not happy about, at all. To make a long story short, it ended with Andrei trying to fight Charlie.

However fans didn’t get really heated until Elizabeth’s sister Jenn showed up and called the meal Andrei’s mother made for them peasant food. She also refused to try one of the native dishes.

After what felt like endless probing, and quite a few meetups with Andrei’s family and friends, we learned that Andrei was forced to leave Moldova due to the corrupt police institution in the country.

You may have thought after all that, Elizabeth’s family would let it go and celebrate their daughter and Andrei on their second wedding. However, on the latest episode, during the wedding reception, Charlie made a speech where he more or less insulted Andrei in front of his family and friends.

Fans took to Charlie’s Instagram page to show their disgust on his and his families behavior while visiting the foreign country.

“Wow, I feel embarrassed for you. The amount of disrespect you have shown on these last few episodes is disgusting and insanely classless.”

“At your sisters wedding tho? You look like a sloppy drunk and a poor representation of Americans.”

Others stood up for Charlie and thought his treatment of Andrei was justified after what Andrei has done in the past.

“Hey Charlie what you did was right you defended your family not only your family but your father, but at the end of the day who the hell want to have a moocher in their family! Speak your mind let it be known and people are going to respect you more.”

What do you think of Charlie’s actions? Were they justified, or out of line? Let us know in the comments.

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