90 Day Fiancè Star Larissa’s Stalker Hell!

With all the fun and games and romance on 90 Day, fans sometimes forget that in real life it’s tough being a reality TV star! For Happily Ever After’s Larissa Dos Santos Lima, it certainly hasn’t been all lip injections and birthday parties at the strip club.

Larissa shared her experience with not one but multiple stalkers in a since-deleted social media post Wednesday, then gave more details to In Touch.

You won’t believe what she’s been through with fans who have what she calls a “strange and disturbing obsession.”

Colt Johnson’s ex says they start out nice but quickly turn on her.

“She compliments you, and wishes to meet up with you. Very quickly, she messages you that you are an ugly whore and she wishes ill on you,” Larissa explains.

Then they’ll stalk her every move on social media, and those close to her too.

“These women will go after your husband or boyfriend, not because they want him, but to upset you,” she claims.

Larissa does acknowledge she put herself out there by signing on for the show, but adds, “It is one thing to be criticized online, and another to be harassed in an attempt to ruin my livelihood, my family, my soul.”

So is it possible for the Brazilian babe to just block or ignore these people? No way, she says.

“There are times when the obsessive stalking gets so much for me that it physically hurts,” she revealed.

Larissa’s health has been affected by her TV stardom before. Last September she admitted to struggling with depression and anxiety while filming 90 Day Fiancè, and said TLC helped her get treatment.

No word on whether the network step in again, to protect their biggest star from these cyberstalkers.

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