90 Day Fiancè Star Avery Accuses Walmart Employees of Anti-Islamic Attack

90 Day Fiancè: Before the 90 Days star Avery Mill’s year got off to a rocky start.

Omar Albakour’s wife, who’s currently back in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio claims she was the target of an anti-Islamic attack by two Walmart employees.

Avery says while shopping, the duo noticed her hijab and assumed she didn’t speak English. They allegedly stared and pointed at Avery while declaring that America isn’t what it used to be, adding that President “Trump needs to take out the trash.”

Avery also explained in several social media posts about the incident that one of the employees wondered aloud if she was able to pay for the stuff in her cart. The other allegedly responded, “Maybe with her welfare check from our taxes.”

Avery says when she confronted them, the workers “tried to kiss my butt and they no longer have jobs.”

Walmart hasn’t confirmed the employees have been fired, but say they’re looking into it.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We take Ms. Mills’ claims seriously and are looking into this,” a spokesperson told People.

But it sounds like Avery has it handled.

“Trump didn’t need to take out the trash bc I did,” she declares, adding “it’s funny now because they will be living off of welfare with MY tax dollars!”

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