90 Day Fiancè Star Anna Facing Severe Health Issue

In her own words, Anna Campisi has had a scary week.

*This story contains a spoiler for the currently airing season of 90 Day Fiancè

After experiencing pain and swelling in her legs recently, the 90 Day Fiancè star saw her doctor and was sent to the emergency room, where she received devastating news.

An ultrasound revealed Anna is suffering from multiple blood clots. The mom of three was given blood thinners and sent home to heal.

It’s a good thing her now husband Murcel Mistanoglu is still around, because the nightmare was just beginning.

Anna woke up the next night with chest pain and was rushed back to the E.R. That’s when doctors made a terrifying discovery.

Anna also has blood clots in both of her lungs.

She shared the diagnosis on social media, adding “I’m now on bedrest for the next few days. This is the scariest thing I’ve gone through.”

Called a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lungs can cause damage to the lungs and other organs, and heart failure.

It can happen to anyone, Anna reminds us, before urging fans to get checked out if they feel something isn’t right. That’s great advice, and we’re sending healthy vibes your way, Anna!

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