90-Day Fiancé David and Lana: Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder what David and Lana are up to today? We have all the answers about the two’s journey after the show!

This duo had a suspenseful romance during their time on the show that kept us all on the edge of our seats. The big question is though, where are they now?

90 Day Recap

David and Lana first connected on a Ukrainian dating site, and 90 Day Fiancé followed their unusual romance through the 4th season of the show’s spinoff: 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days.

The mysterious couple spent seven years chatting exclusively online (on a paid online platform that charges per chat and extra for video chat). The show back in 2020, followed David’s arduous journey around the provinces of Ukraine trying to find traces of Lana, the woman of his dreams.

When Lana unexpectedly showed up on the show to accept David’s proposal, viewers were shocked because many fans assumed that David was being catfished all these years. Fake addresses, lost messages, confusing interactions, we saw it all! Communication was definitely at an all-time low for this couple but the tension for viewers was sky-high.

Many of the 90-Day Fiancé fans remained with unanswered questions regarding the couple’s shaky engagement and potential wedding when the season ended since the duo stayed away from social media for months after the show’s Tell All. It was unclear to fans whether they were still together.

Where are they now?

David may have wanted his relationship with Lana to succeed, but now it seems he has moved on.

After hosting a Q&A series on her private Instagram account, Lana confirmed that she and David are no longer dating, which Screenrant reported in November 2021. She answered questions like, “Are you still with David?” with a simple “No.” When asked “Are you still engaged?” she replied, “It was all for the show.”

David’s earlier update in May 2021, when he wrote on Instagram that the two were still together and attempting to see each other as soon as possible, seemed to be in conflict with Lana’s Q&A about their relationship status. David also revealed at the time that Lana was working in law enforcement which she later confirmed.

Since then, David made an appearance in April of 2022 on the show’s spinoff: 90 Day-Diaries where he mentions keeping his love interest alive even after his relationship with Lana!


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Over in Ukraine, things are way different. Lana is currently trying to keep safe during the war and doesn’t have the ability to be active on social media as she once was. Although she may not be the easiest to reach, we hope that she is doing well.

According to ET, David mentions that: “Since the war broke out, Lana and I have been able to get in touch,”. “She’s amid all the bombs going off in Kyiv but the last time I heard, Lana’s in hiding so I think she’s OK. Right now, I won’t fear for the worst.”

David even mentioned that he tried to enlist in the Ukrainian Army in order to help with the war the best way he could: “Ukraine is like my second home,” he told cameras. “I’ve talked to many friends who are over there, and it sickens me to see the destruction that is going on in cities that I know very well. I have a close connection to Ukraine, and I want to go help defend it,” he continued. “I will not sit back and watch Ukraine get destroyed.”

It should come as no surprise that David’s closest friends opposed his plans. However, David spent thousands of dollars assembling his own gear to fight in Ukraine. He didn’t actually need it, though, as he later revealed that the Ukrainian Embassy had rejected his application because he lacked combat experience.

David claimed his current priorities were providing humanitarian aid and assisting his close friends in leaving the country.

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