90 Day Fiancè Couple Marry After Visa Denial

Angela Deem headed to Nigeria last weekend amid reports she would marry Michael Ilesanmi during the trip.

Fans were surprised, because of Angela’s insistence on tying the knot in her native country of the United States. So, did they make it official?

Say hello to the new mister and misses Ilesanmi, whose wedding ceremony reportedly went down earlier today.

A family member of Michael’s leaked these pictures to SoapDirt. Notice the production crew and microphones. Of course we’ll be seeing their nuptials on the show.

But, the current cast, including Angela and Michael already filmed the annual “Couples Tell All” episode in early December. That’s essentially the season finale.

So, is the most outspoken 90 Day Fiancè cast member ever getting her own wedding special? We’ll keep you updated!

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