90 Day Fiancè Couple Denied K-1 Visa Reportedly Marrying in Nigeria

Angela Deem was spotted en route to Nigeria a few days ago. She may have changed her mind about marrying fiancè Michael Ilesanmi.

FraudedByTLC said they’ve confirmed Angela has returned to Michael’s home country to take the plunge! Their wedding will reportedly take place in less than a week, on the twenty-seventh, but FraudedByTLC’s source didn’t know whether that invite photo is legit or a mock-up.

They do know for sure that TLC cameras are following Angela’s journey and will of course be rolling during the ceremony. This is all a huge surprise, because the couple originally planned to get hitched in the United States after applying for a K-1 visa.

We recently witnessed Angela shoot down the idea of a Nigerian wedding for the second time on the show. Looks like she’s changed her tune!
But scoring a spousal visa for Michael after they tie the knot is still not guaranteed, and can take up to a year and a half. But these two aren’t giving up. Congratulations!

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