9 ways to celebrate Betty White Turning 99 years young!

Betty White just turned 99 Years Old, quite the feat! We have 9 ways fans can continue to celebrate!

Betty White has officially turned 99. The actress and movie star couldn’t hold a birthday bash due to the pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop fans from celebrating. We’ve found 9 days that you can celebrate Betty on her last double-digit birthday.

Number 1

Sit back and relax with a cold glass of sparkling wine while watching Golden Girls. Nothing screams pandemic like watching a group of friends living their golden years together (relatable). The sitcom ran for 7 seasons between 1985 and 1992 and has gained a cult following.

Number 2

Have a laugh and pop in Bringing Down the House with co-stars Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. The comedy shows Betty as an overbearing neighbor who is constantly looking for the tea in the neighborhood. She hits the jackpot when she finds out Queen Latifah and Steve Martin on top of each other in Steve’s living room.

Number 3

Watch a list of all your favorite female actresses, to celebrate the longevity of Betty Whites career. White has the longest running career of a female in Hollywood, expanding over 8 decades.

Number 4

Call in your 3 closest quarantined friends and have a wig night. Put on a Betty Wig or just a wig that will make you feel fun and free and enjoy your guy and girl plas for some socially distant laughs. White once said in an interview that she reminds herself to laugh every day, especially to bawdy humor.

Number 5

Have some junk food and enjoy a cheat day. Redvines, potato chips, hot dogs and french fries are some of Betty’s favorite indulgences. She once said that she takes care of her health but she also has to live a little.

Number 6

Find your best nightgown and give yourself a little “me time” with a facial and a cup of tea. Betty was seen many times in her nightgown around the house in Golden Girls. What better way to pay homage to White than to channel her fabulous character in Golden Girls.

Numbers 7, 8 and 9

These are all quick Betty tips to better your life. Find your passion, rid yourself of negativity and have a good attitude that will help you through life and prepare yourself for Betty’s 100th birthday next year!

Cheers to living your best life!

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