8 Reasons Why The World Loves Drew Barrymore!

From movies like E.T. to her new show, Drew Barrymore has given us so many reasons to keep loving her!

Drew Barrymore is a household name and legend throughout the entertainment industry. Originally gaining her fame at an early age, the actress was put into the spotlight as a child. Finding her voice along the way of her journey, Barrymore has written books, starred in hit movies, hosted her own show, and so much more. The world is forever captivated by this star, and we’re here to tell you why!

She’s Not Afraid To Be Herself

Barrymore has always encouraged her fans to stand up for themselves and for them to be their most authentic selves. By finding her own self worth and acceptance, she’s shown others what it means to live without fear of judgment.

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She Uses Her Platform For Good

Barrymore recently started her own show, The Drew Barrymore Show, where she invites celebrity guests to talk about a variety of subjects. Barrymore includes difficult conversations and allows her famous guests to open up and be vulnerable. When Machine Gun Kelly came on the show, the two got serious about emotions and what it means to be a parent. Seeing these celebrities deal with regular everyday situations makes people feel less alone. She’s connecting stars and the rest of us on another level by showing us that at the end of the day we are all human.

Her Interviews With Adam Sandler

Really any interaction between Sandler and Barrymore is hilarious. These two always leave people smiling! Starring alongside each other and being friends for years, the two have a deep connection and bring out the best of each other.

Her Activism

Barrymore is known for her commitment to charity, specifically for the World Food Programme where she’s an ambassador. She works closely with the program, donating money, and also traveling with them. Furthermore she’s an involved ambassador for both UNICEF and Red Cross!

Her Hit Movies

A successful actress since the age of 9, Barrymore continued starring in movies that did great in the box office! All of her movies make people feel comforted and happy.

Her Bravery

It takes a lot of guts to share the intimate details of trauma with an audience. Through her books, Barrymore has been extremely open about her journey of fame at such a young age. Her books “Little Girl Lost” and “Wildflower” share a vulnerable side of the actress.

Her Friendship With Cameron Diaz

The two actresses have been close for so long now, working together on movie sets and running in the same A list circles. Their genuine friendship dates back to when Barrymore was 14 and Diaz was 16! From starring in Charlies Angels to skydiving together, we know we’re going to laugh and have a good time any time these two are together! Watch the instagram live from Barrymore’s account to see just how close the two really are!


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Her Production Company Flower Films

Her company helped launch celebrities’ careers, not to mention, Barrymore is helping others while taking charge of her craft and passion. Amy Schumer even gave thanks to Barrymore and her company for believing in Schumer and helping her get to where she is today.


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