8 Celebs Including Jennifer Lopez & Lady Gaga Who Are All About Astrology!

Did you know some of your favorite celebrities like J-Lo, Princess Diana, Madonna, and more LOVE astrology?

Who would’ve thought that these seven celebs are just like us! They love all things psychic, tarot and medium related and most of them even keep up with their horoscopes daily!

Princess Diana

The beautiful late Princess D had a personal astrologer, Penny Thornton, from 1986 to 1992 who she visited regularly for six years and received advice on anything and everything. Diana also strongly believed in the power of the planets so she would also see expert astrologer, Debbie Frank quite often as well.

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Adam Lambert

Lambert is a HUGE fan of astrology and deeply believes in it. His interest in it stems from his birth chart, which he is super familiar with and believes his big three signs give himself an accurate representation into who he is. He also enjoys discussing astrology with other celebs like Madonna.


Speaking of, Madonna admires astrology but also deeply enjoys spirituality as a whole as she applies it to her daily life. She reads her horoscope daily and understands her birth chart extremely well and although she tells people she’s an Aquarius rising, many people believe she is actually a virgo rising. She taught iconic pop singer, Katy Perry, about crystals as well and even gave Perry that number of her crystal healer. How cool is that!

Meghan Fox

If you didn’t already know, Meghan Fox is strongly interested in Astrology and Palmistry and enjoys reading about it in her free time. She likes to exercise her psychic abilities by opening her chakras, practicing tarot and using healing crystals. In an interview with Conan she attempted to help him open one of his chakras, check it out!

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo regularly sees Jae Rae, an expert psychic, tarot card reader, medium, and spiritual expert. Lopez has said that she loves all things not only psychic-related but astrology as well. She reads her horoscopes regularly and loves learning about anything she can know in advance!


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Angelina Jolie

Jolie seems very in-tune with herself and her emotions so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that she happens to be a huge fan of astrology, specifically Buddhism. She uses ancient astrology when it comes to her health and career such as deciding on what movie roles to take and even had a Buddhist monk help her decide her wedding date. She utilizes astrology to help her make daily choices and important decisions in her life and it’s rumored that Angelina has a preference for movies to premier on certain days that coincide with astrological predictions.


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Cameron Diaz

Believe it or not, Diaz is a long-term client of celebrity astrologist, Susan Miller. She has always been deeply interested in seeking answers regarding her future through astrology and even looked to Miller for advice before purchasing real estate. A wise business decision if you ask me!

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Lady Gaga

Gaga is constantly worrying about if the stars will be aligned when she hits the road for tour so it’s rumored that she uses astrology to check the best months for her to perform. She also closely follows her horoscopes to be aware of what’s ahead and we don’t blame her!


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