7 surprising moments in ‘Modern Family’!

Modern Family is full of love, laughs, and sometimes even shocks! We’re taking a look at seven moments that surprised the audience.

Modern Family ended in 2020, but its legacy still lives on! We have decided to take a walk down memory lane and revisit seven of the most surprising moments in the show. Warning: there will be spoilers ahead.

1. Finding Out All the Families Are Connected

In the very first episode, each of the three families are introduced one at a time. The audience gets to see the dynamics of each family and gets to know all of the members. Up until this point, nothing is said about the relationship that these three families have to one another. At the end of the episode, all three families come together at one of their houses and that’s when the audience realizes that they are actually just one big family.


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2. Gloria Gets Pregnant

At the end of season 3, the audience finds out that Gloria is pregnant, which came as a shock to many of the viewers. Gloria already has one son who is in middle school and she’s married to a much older man. This storyline was definitely a happy surprise in the show.

3. Hayley Having Twins

Leading up to this reveal, Hayley had always been known as being a bit more on the wild side, which is why the initial pregnancy announcement wasn’t that shocking. What surprised people more was that she was pregnant with twins!

4. Cam and Mitch Get a Second Baby

People who have watched this show since season one know that Cam and Mitch have been trying to adopt a second baby for a long time. They were trying to adopt a baby boy, but things kept falling through, which is why they eventually stopped trying. This all changed in season 11 when they decided to once again try adopting and this time they were actually able to adopt a beautiful baby boy.


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5. New Actress for Lily

When season 3 aired, people were confused because Lily looked different and this wasn’t just because she had grown up. Fans were shocked to discover that the two twin actresses who played Lily had actually left the show. Although this change was surprising, it ended up working out because this new actress brought some much needed humor to the role of Lily.

6. Claire running for city council

In season 3 the viewers get to see Claire Dunphy run for city council. This came as a surprise for people because Claire wasn’t exactly known for being the most likable person. So running for a position in which you have to be well liked and be able to communicate effectively was confusing. Claire ended up losing to her opponent, but it was nice to see how much effort Claire put into her campaign.

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda Guest Stars

Some people might have not recognized him when they were watching Modern Family a few years ago, but the same cannot be said for people who rewatch the show now. Lin-Manuel Miranda is widely known and adored by many people today, which is why it comes as a fun surprise to see him play a character on this show.

Modern Family is a great show with amazing characters and even better surprises along the way. If there are any other surprising moments we missed, don’t hesitate to send us a tweet @AfterBuzzTV.

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