7 Netflix Hidden Gems!

There are so many Netflix originals that we love and have made their way into the more significant sphere of pop culture in society. Still, other Netflix originals are often left out of the discussion. So here are seven Netflix originals you may not have seen but need to watch!

Love (2016)


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Love tells the story of wild child Micky, a recovering alcoholic unhappily working in radio, and good-natured Gus trying to break his way into the film industry. We see the couple navigate their relationship despite their differences in the city of Los Angeles as modern-day issues continue to arise. It’s an incredibly profound show about modern dating created by Paul Rust, Judd Apatow, and Lesley Arfin. The show is honest and romantic, and each character gives you a different reason to love them. A relatable, heartfelt series you’ll want to binge!

Special (2019)

Actor and writer Ryan O’Connell is the lead in the semi-autobiographical series. A gay man with cerebral palsy decides to take control of his life and form relationships, friendships, and self-reliability. Despite the show’s heavy topics, it’s witty and entertaining and represents a demographic often left out in television. Incredibly well written and severely underrated, you should give this show a watch if you haven’t already.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love (2021)

The documentary chronicles the lives of six couples from around the world that have been together for decades. Each episode follows a different pair over the course of a year. Each story is distinct within its cultural context, but each is equally sweet and interesting, giving us a deep, tender glimpse into their relationship. Rotten Tomatoes didn’t give the series 100% for nothing!

Bloodline (2015)

The son of a respected family in the Florida Keys returns home, and shortly after, his father dies of a heart attack, and the family’s dark secrets are at risk of being exposed. The show follows the relationship between the siblings and subsequent drama. The first season is a riveting slow burn. While the characters can sometimes be infuriating, the acting is excellent, the storyline is enthralling, and the setting is beautiful. The show’s three seasons will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Russian Doll (2019)


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Russian Doll tells the story of Nadia, played by Emmy-nominated actress Natasha Lyonne, who is stuck in limbo as she repeatedly dies only to return back to the exact same moment in time at her 36th party. Incredibly witty and entertaining, though the premise remains pretty much the same, the show remains exciting and engaging throughout all three seasons. Lyonne’s remarkable performance landed her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Master of None (2015)


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Aziz Ansari co-created and starred as Dev in this Netflix original. Ansari began directing more throughout the first two seasons and the entire third. The sitcom is visually captivating, entertaining, and at times relatable as it follows Dev’s cultural identity, dating, and artistic endeavors in New York City. Ansari steps back a bit in the third season as it mainly focuses on the struggles of a lesbian couple trying to conceive. The show has won three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe but still manages to draw blank faces as it has flown under the radar of many.

Alias Grace (2017)

This Netflix mini-series, Based on the 1996 Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, is the true story of a poor Irish immigrant servant, Grace Marks, during her time in prison after her release from the mental hospital. As a therapist determines Mark’s role in the crime, the main story highlights how men have tyrannized and abused her and the women around her.

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