7 Must-Watch Unscripted Netflix Originals of 2022!

Looking for a new summer series to binge? Look no further! These one-of-a-kind Netflix originals are all must-sees.

Reality shows, strategy competitions, documentaries and talk shows, oh my! Netflix has it all! With new seasons of some of today’s hottest unscripted shows, it’s also just the beginning of some new hit series. Netflix has a wider range of original television shows than ever before, bringing in various genres of television for any audience to enjoy. Check ‘em out!

Love on the Spectrum

Dating is difficult for anyone! Love on The Spectrum is a Netflix docuseries that was originally based in Australia and aired in 2020. The series shows people of various ages who are on the autism spectrum and trying to navigate their way in the dating scene to find love. An American version aired earlier this year and remains just as wholesome and relatable as it was two years ago. Director and producer of the series, Cian O’Clery, does an excellent job of being inclusive and asking respectful questions to cast members to make the series as honest and authentic as possible. It’s certainly worth the watch.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry

This new Netflix original is a reality-based series that came out in March of this year. 26-year-old clairvoyant medium, Tyler Henry, visits numerous families in hopes of giving them clarity and closure on a recently deceased loved one through spiritual readings. Henry constantly reassures his clients that their loved ones have passed over peacefully and are watching over them, making each episode sentimental in a unique way. It’s unlike anything else that’s out right now and definitely worth the hype!

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Selling Sunset

Season five of Selling Sunset is out and if you haven’t seen it yet you can expect new relationships, but the same feuds. While navigating their way through Hollywood’s most expensive homes, Christine continues to stir up drama with the girls in the office. The reality show is filmed in Los Angeles, but if you didn’t know, the successful real estate agency has recently opened a new office in Newport Beach, about 40 minutes away in Orange County. Hopefully we get to see some new faces in season six.

The Circle

Season four of this social media competition dropped with an all-new cast competing for another $100,000 prize. Individuals must strategize to create an online profile either as themselves or someone else then interact with their competition online and prove their authenticity in hopes of winning the grand prize. The series is hilarious yet suspenseful with the different personalities from each competitor and multiple twists and turns in every episode. You won’t be able to look away!

Bling Empire

Netflix reality show, Bling Empire, highlights L.A.’s hottest Asian A-listers. The entire cast lives lavishly with extravagant parties, high-end fashion, and constant drama. Season two has just been released and consists of eight new episodes that give viewers just a small glimpse into how the wealthy friend group lives on a day-to-day basis. Check it out!

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The Ultimatum

Netflix reality series, The Ultimatum, gathers a group of six couples struggling to take the next big leap in their relationship. One individual from each couple has placed an ultimatum on their significant other to walk away from the relationship if they were not proposed to (which is how they got into this predicament). The group of twelve are asked to get to know one another, similarly to speed dating, then pair up and live with someone of another couple for an entire week. After that, they are asked to go back with their original partner and live with them for a week as well to decide which person would make a better lifelong partner. Will it cause even more tension in the relationship or be worth it in the end? That’s up for the couples to decide.

My Next Guest (Needs No Introduction) With David Letterman

David Letterman is an iconic talk show host who has recently released a fourth season of his hit Netflix show. Letterman meets with a different celebrity every episode to interview them but does it in such a casual way. He is extremely personable with the questions he asks and how he interacts with the various personalities making each episode just as genuine as the last. With the way he shows such interest with his guests, it’s no wonder why he’s been on television for more than 30 years. The series has a wide range of celebrity appearances such as Cardi B, Ryan Reynolds, Barack Obama, and Billie Eilish. Each episode feels so authentic and sincere regardless of who it’s with, it’s a must-see series!


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