7 Iconic ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Moments!

We all know and love Gordon Ramsay’s television persona, especially when it comes to Hell’s Kitchen. There have been many memorable moments from the show that we can’t forget, and we’re sharing 7 of the most iconic ones!

Where’s The Lamb Sauce?!

In the 21 seasons thus far of Hell’s Kitchen, many of us can’t seem to forget this moment from Season 2, Episode 1, when the contestants were asked to pair a lamb dish with a sauce. Team Blue had one of the dishes prepared without the sauce on the plate, and Ramsay ventured out to figure out what happened, yelling, “ Where’s the lamb sauce” twice as the blue team finally brought it to him.

Salmon Smash

If you are a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, you know that it is not unknown for Ramsay to smash salmon that is not cooked to perfection. This is exactly what happened in Season 16, Episode 6, when a Blue Team member, Coop, delivered an undercooked salmon. No matter how many times we see him do this move, it never gets old.

Contestant Kiss Prank

In Season 7, Episode 1, Gordon Ramsay decided to prank the new contestants. After he tried the first contestant’s dish, he proclaimed how amazing it tasted and then proceeded to kiss her. The other contestants watched in shock, but it was soon revealed that the contestant was none other than his wife. A very big “gotcha” moment for sure! Watch the video below because it surely has the best reactions you’ll ever see.

Customer Orders Pizza

During Season 4, Episode 5, the chefs struggle to bring an order to the table when the kitchen is backed up. The customers become fussy and decide to order pizza until their food arrives. This led to one of the customers getting into an argument with the Maître d’, eventually causing Gordon to make the decision to close both kitchens to close.


When it comes to cooking, we all know Gordon Ramsay is one to call out chefs for not using the proper instruments to create their dishes. In Season 2, Episode 7, we see Sarah get called out for not using a nonstick pan while cooking scallops. This moment created an iconic meme as Gordon shouted “Nonstick!” to Sarah for not using the proper pan.

Puppet in The Kitchen

During Season 11, Episode 1, a contestant by the name of Gina brings a puppet by the name of Alfredo Al Dente with her to the show. As all of the female contestants are trying to study and memorize a menu, Gina decides to take out the puppet and proceeds to try and distract them from trying to memorize that week’s menu, and drama ensues. A very funny yet puzzling moment to remember on the show for sure.

Tastes Like Fish

Oftentimes, the contestants try to do their best tasting and responding to head chef Gordon Ramsay, but in Season 10 Episode 4, one contestant, Brian, was approached by Ramsay to taste some fish that had been burned and replied to the chef that it simply tasted “like fish.” This caused Ramsay to blow up and kick him out of the kitchen.

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