7 ‘Hannah Montana Episodes’ That Make Us LOL!

Over its four seasons, we’ve had a lot of favorite Hanna Montana episodes and moments. We’re taking a look at some of the ones that are sure to get you laughing out loud!

Hannah Montana ran for four successful seasons from 2006 to 2011, and during that time had episodes that made us feel every emotion possible. We’re taking a look at some of the ones that had us unable to contain our laughter. 

Song Sung Bad

In season 2 episode 15, Lilly wants to sing a song for her mom and record it. Miley decides to help her out, but unfortunately, Lilly sings terribly. The dynamic of viewers hearing Lilly’s singing voice and watching Miley attempt to make the song sound decent lend to some hysterical moments.  

Smells like Teen Sellout 

In season 25 episode 1, Miley is offered the chance to be the face of a campaign for a new perfume. She agrees to do it but soon comes to realize that she absolutely hates the smell of the perfume. It’s hilarious to watch the different things Miley does to try and not smell the perfume during the filming of the advertisement. 

We’re All On This Date Together 

Season 2 of episode 29 features Corbin Bleu as Miley’s school crush who happens to win a date with Hannah Montana. However, Rico also ends up going on the date too, which makes Miley extremely annoyed. Rico really shined in this episode and watching his interactions with the couple definitely puts this one on the list. 

Miley, Get Your Gum 

This is only the second episode of season 1, but it was by far one of the funniest in the season. At this point in time, Oliver still doesn’t know that Hannah is actually Miley and he has a big crush on Hannah. We can’t get enough of watching the lengths that Oliver goes to in this episode just for him to see Hannah as often as possible.

Cuffs Will Keep Us Together 

In season 2 episode 2, Miley gets mad that Lilly didn’t pick her during gym class. Oliver decides to handcuff Miley and Lilly together since they can’t seem to get along after the incident. A lot of tension rises up when two people who are currently mad at each other are now chained together for a long time resulting in some spectacular moments!

Ooh, Ooh, Itchy Woman


Episode 9 of season 1 revolves around Miley, Oliver, and Lilly trying to get back at their school’s mean girls. It’s funny to watch the trio coming up with schemes to bring down Amber and Ashley while on a school camping trip and to see the payback they get in the end for doing so. 

People Who Use People 

In episode 18 of season 1, we see Miley spending most of the episode using a random guy named Willis to try and make her crush, Jake, jealous. However, this backfires when Miley learns of Willis’ age, and the episode ends with a surprising twist. This episode is truly iconic and makes us laugh every time. 

It’s always fun to re-watch episodes when you’re older and see how funny they still are. If this article has sparked your interest in this show again, all four seasons are now available on Disney+. 

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