7 Celebrities With Cool Street Style!

Need some fashion inspiration? Let’s take a look at some celebrity street fashion that makes casual look cool.

We all know the pandemic slowed us down in every aspect of life, including putting effort into our everyday style. It increased the popularity of clean, matching sweats to wear for an easy and comfortable outfit. While sweats are a must-have, building a dynamic street style does not need to be complicated. You also do not need an occasion to put a little extra effort into an outfit. One of the easiest ways to gain inspiration is to look at celebrity’s outfits when they are out and about and apply any aspect to your own style. Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have established a solid, cool street style.

Hailey Bieber

Model and media personality, Hailey Bieber is one to consistently show off her comfortable, yet stylish street fashion. One key element to take away from her daily casual style is to wear something oversized. Whether it is a jacket, sweatshirt, jeans, blazer, or just a t-shirt, Hailey almost always has an oversized element to her outfit. Wearing something oversized often highlights a different part of the look such as hair or jewelry or even accentuates another part of the body. Not to mention it is easy and comfortable!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has recently been known for his fashion choices, especially when challenging gender norms. His fashion pushes the boundaries on both large and small scales. When it comes to his street style, Harry tends to incorporate at least one pop of color into his outfit. His style overall is pretty eccentric, and that definitely reflects his casual moments as well. He also pairs colors together that some may not believe are “matching”. Harry shows us that any color combo can work.


The multitalented Zendaya has always been known for her amazing fashion sense. While her red carpet and magazine cover looks are often elaborate, avant-garde, and overall stunning, her street style tends to be the opposite. Zendaya tends to keep it simple, often rocking a white tee, blue jeans, and a cool sneaker. It is a basic yet essential and classic combination, leaving room to incorporate bold accessories, hair, and makeup.​​


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Justin Bieber

For the majority of his career, Justin Bieber has always had signature looks that are forever memorable to fans. Similar to his wife, Justin consistently rocks oversized clothing, which is also reflected in his clothing line “Drew House”. Another staple clothing item to be noted from Justin’s style is his beanies. Whether it is on the street, on stage performing, or at award shows, Justin has lately been rocking many different color beanies, becoming fundamental to his style.


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Kendall Jenner

As one of the most prominent models in the industry, Kendall Jenner clearly displays an interest and talent for fashion. Being a runway model, her looks are often feminine or abstract. When it comes to street style, Kendall has been rocking a more masculine and business casual style. Button-down shirts, trousers, sweater vests, and blazers are key essentials Kendall incorporates to achieve this style. It is simple, yet put together, comfortable, and timeless.


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Timothée Chalamet

Young actor, Timothée Chalamet, is often known for his artsy yet cool vibe when it comes to his editorials and red carpet event looks. He also incorporates this same vibe into his street style, with a hint of his New York roots. His style is very much the epitome of street casual, but almost always has a creative element reflected whether it is his top, pants, or through an accessory.


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Rihanna slays fashion in all aspects: award shows, Met Gala, street style, pregnancy style, and everything in between. Her clothing always makes a statement with bold and unique elements and is rarely subtle. This boldness applies to her streetwear as well. Rihanna’s implementation of colors, layers, jewelry, and oversized clothing make each of her outfits look like a work of art. Every little detail has its own importance, yet still somehow looks casual.


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