7 Best GlamBOT Moments by Cole Walliser!

Cole Walliser is known for directing the most glamorous celebrities with his high-speed camera at red-carpet events. From celebrities like Lizzo, Salma Hayek, and more, he has showcased the most stylish moments through his highspeed camera. He is often seen sharing both behind-the-scenes and results moments on social media. Here are 7 of our favorite GlamBOT moments!

Ariana Grande

We love a red carpet moment, and we are sure you all remember this iconic Ariana Grande moment at the 2020 Grammys! According to Harpers Bazaar, the artist wore an enormous grey gown by Giambattista Valli. We have to admit that Coles Walliser’s direction of the high-speed camera really helped show it off! What a memorable and glamorous moment!

@colewalliser I’m so excited for the Grammys this weekend I wanted to revisit some of my favorite GlamBOTs from the past Grammys! If you’ve been following me for a while, you are probably familiar with this one! Ariana Grande’s GlamBOT in 2020 had it all, a rushed intro, a scared reaction, asking my name, taking a selfie, saying it wasn’t good, and then saying it was kinda pretty all while looking amazing. What more could you want? Will I top this one this year!? Stay tuned to find out!! #arianagrande #colewalliser #glambotbts #livefrome #grammys ♬ OMG – NewJeans

Tiffany Haddish

Actress and comedian Queen Tiffany Haddish attended the 2022 Grammy’s wearing a custom Prada gown that glittered down the red carpet. Director Walliser chose the best angle to showcase the stunning dress, which led to the comedian definitely sparkling and owning the camera during this GlamBOT moment! Slay Queen! Slay!!

@colewalliser The GlamBOT GOAT!! @TIFFANY HADDISH #tiffanyhaddish #colewalliser #livefrome #glambotbts ♬ original sound – Cole Walliser

Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson, actress and singer, is known to wear purple, red, and black from time to time, but this gorgeous flowy emerald green dress really made her look ethereal! The dress is an emerald green Maison Valentino gown worn at the 2022 Grammys. The actress tossed the dress at the GlamBOT per Walliser’s request and created this magnificent shot that left us taken aback by how breathtaking it was. What a goddess! PS Would anyone like to run around a castle with a flowy dress? This one would be our pick!

@colewalliser I met Sofia in 2016 when I was directing music videos and promo material for Disney’s Descendants 2, it’s been so awesome to see her career flourish since then! She’s one of the best GlamBOTters to ever GlamBOT 😛 She’s one I’m happy to shoot forever. #sofiacarson Sofia Carson #colewalliser #glambotbts #livefrome #Grammys ♬ original sound – Cole Walliser

Jenny Slate

Actress Jenny Slate stunned in this emerald green dress! We have to admit that we love emerald green; it’s such a refreshing color to wear on a red carpet. According to Daily Mail UK, the actress wore an emerald green halter gown by Luisa Beccaria at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards. The actress posed with an over-the-shoulder shot for the GlamBOT that captured all of our hearts in an instant.

@colewalliser Continuing with more cast from Everything Everywhere all at once we have Jenny Slate! She was super fun to shoot, and I kind of wonder if we should have kept the first take because despite being startled it was like a super cute startled! Though sometimes that can be risky business, so I tossed the idea of doing one more out there, and I think we both were like “let’s do one for safety” lol The second turned out pretty dang good, so I think we made the right choice!! #jennyslate #colewalliser #livefrome #goldenglobes #glambotbts ♬ original sound – Cole Walliser

Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Nick Jonas

The stunning couple, Priyanka Jonas Chopra and Nick Jonas, attended the 2020 Golden Globes in their lavish attire. Priyanka Chopra Jonas wearing a pink off-the-shoulder Cristina Ottaviano gown, and Nick Jonas sporting a satin tuxedo with a Prada Bolo tie, according to Elle and Yahoo. The artist dipped his wife for the GlamBOT resulting in a romantic moment!

@colewalliser Another one of my all time Golden Globe GlamBOT favs is Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at the 2020 Golden Globes. It’s always so fun shooting couples because you can get a little more creative with dips, and spins and such, and they performed a perfect dip! Hopefully we can get some amazing moves with couples today at The Golden Globes on Live from E! at 3pm PT and 6pm ET #nickjonas #priyankachopra #nickjonasandpriyankachopra #colewalliser #LiveFromE #GlambotBTS #GoldenGlobes ♬ original sound – Cole Walliser

Cardi B & Offset

The iconic rapper’s Cardi B and Offset joined in on the GlamBOT experience at the 2023 Grammys, with Cardi B sporting a stunning blue structured Gaurav Gupta gown and Offset dressed in a white and black tuxedo, according to Glamour. The couple dazzled the carpet with their mesmerizing outfits and surprised Cole Walliser with the double GlamBOT moment that started with Cardi B and then both. What a fabulous couple!

@colewalliser I wish I could shoot more couples!! This was actually a surprise couples shot lol, I was excited Cardi B came over for the GlamBOT, I had shot her and her sister I think in 2017 at the Grammys, before I started doing all of the Behind The Scenes, so it was rad to see her again and actually record a BTS I could share. The outfit was crazy in the best way and when we were done she wanted Offset to come in and do one. I think too as much as I push big movements, medium movements also work well, where I think this is sorta a great example of a perfect small movement. Have it just be glamorous without being too crazy!! Anyways, this one was a blast! #cardib #offset #cardibandoffset #colewalliser #glambotbts #livefrome #Grammys ♬ original sound – Cole Walliser


The “2 Be Loved” singer made a statement at the 2023 Grammys by wearing a Dolce & Gabbana red and orange cape decked out in rose appliques. The artist also wore an orange striped corset underneath with a skirt, according to Style Caster. Wearing the cape during her GlamBOT shot, she made a surprised face at the camera. A sweet and captivating moment that is truthful to her personality, which we love so much about her!

@colewalliser IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME… I get Lizzo on the GlamBOT!! I also love that she knew exactly what it was, and knew I would ask for movement lol. I suppose this is a good example showing that you don’t HAVE To jump or do anything crazy, sometimes just a good reaction (and a pretty bold outfit) goes a long way! I also should start describing the movement as “WHOOP!” lol… “so the camera is just gonna go WHOOP and you give me a look” She’s onto something. #lizzo #colewalliser #glambotbts #livefrome #grammys ♬ original sound – Cole Walliser

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