7 Best Chicken Shop Dates by Amelia Dimoldenberg!

You may have seen Amelia Dimoldenberg interviewing top celebrities on red carpets, but we can’t get enough of her YouTube series, Chicken Shop Dates, and we have 7 of the best ones thus far!

Matt Healy

The British pop band The 1975’s lead singer Matt Healy participated in the show with Amelia, in which she started the date by saying he was born in 1975 although he corrected her by saying it was in the 80s. They also talked about their dating preferences, and you definitely have to watch to the end to find out if Matt finishes the date with a kiss!

Keke Palmer

We all know and love Keke Palmer, and she is not afraid to go above and beyond. On this chicken date, she discusses what she likes about dating, and when Amelia asked Palmer if watching the film, Nope was a good movie date choice, Palmer noted that it was not a bad choice on the first date to see if someone is into cinema. She also stated that when watching a TV show, she does not like people to skip ahead, especially if they are watching it together. We definitely get you, Keke; we don’t like the skippers either!


Spanish singer/songwriter Rosalia’s date prompted the question, “What is love?”, which she didn’t know how to answer, and even called up her own sister to ask her, but she didn’t know either. Amelia even asked her about her humble beginnings as a singer, which she was surprised Amelia knew! This video, it’s hilarious yet sweet.


You may know Finneas as Billie Eilish’s sibling and producer. His date included discussions of the Disney animation Finneas and Ferb, what it was like in the 90s, songs he has produced with his sister, and even a Timothee Chalamet impression. To find out just where those discussions led you’ll have to watch, trust us it’s worth it!

Ed Sheeran

Yes, even Ed Sheeran was on a date! He mentioned how he has a doctorate in music which many may or may not know. Amelia even handed him bedsheets at one point as she poked fun at one of his song lyrics. Ed even said he wanted to set her up on a date with someone and Amelia was not as thrilled. As the date went on, more lyric and song references came up and you have got to watch for yourself because Sheeran’s reaction is hilarious!

Charli XCX

Singer-songwriter Charli XCX is known for her upbeat songs, and at the start of this date, Amelia made a reference to one of them. Charli mentioned how she started a party at 6 p.m. and the cops showed up and shut it down before Rita Ora could get in! The date ended with Charli asking Amelia if she really enjoyed the date, and her reply was a classic!

Jade Thirwall

You most definitely know this singer from the music group Little Mix! She showed Amelia some of the group’s noted dance moves while enjoying their date and Amelia even belted out one of her own songs about chickens. Jade shared healthy love advice, and then eventually they eventually sang together about their love for chicken!

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