7 ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Couples That Are Thriving!

90 Day Fiancé has produced some unique love stories, and while it did not work out for some, we have 7 couples from the show that have proven true love prevails!

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days recently premiered its sixth season, with new episodes coming out every Sunday at 8 PM EST. 90 Day Fiancé, follows couples that have to get married to one another within 90 days in order for one foreign partner to stay in the U.S. In the recently aired spinoff, couples meet their partners often for the first time and document their ups and downs. The show has produced a number of couples, but not all have stood the test of time. However, a number of couples were successful in their journey for love. Let’s take a look at 90 Day Fiancé couples that are thriving!

Russ and Paola


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Viewers first were introduced to Russ and Paola on the very first season of the show, dating back to 2014. Russ, from the U.S., and Paola from Columbia, managed to come back stronger than ever after taking a brief break in 2021. The pair has appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? to give viewers an update on their relationship. The couple has proved to be successful, welcoming their son Axel in 2019 and buying a home in Florida.

Danny and Amy


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Danny, a Pennsylvania native, and Amy, originally from South Africa, are a Season 2 fan favorites. During their season, the couple dealt with a number of highs and lows – the biggest being Danny’s father who vocally disapproved of interracial marriage. However, his father eventually gave his blessing and the pair got married. After their marriage in 2014, the couple moved to Texas and are parents to 3 children: Jedidah, Anna, and Willow.

Anna and Mursel

This Season 7 couple was a fan favorite from the get go, due to the sweet nature of their dynamic. After getting married on the show, they welcomed their son Gokhan John via surrogate. Their fertility journey was documented on 90 Day Diaries, seen in the clip above. Anna has 3 sons from a previous relationship, and Muriel transitioned seamlessly when he officially became the boy’s stepfather. Now they happily live in Nebraska and are the proud owners of Beauty and the Bees Honey, which they promote on social media. More recently Anna took to Instagram to share a picture of her in the hospital, telling her followers she has a blood clot after days of abdominal pain. She shared an update the next day saying she is being monitored. We are wishing her a speedy recovery!

Alla and Matt


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Another successful Season 4 couple is Alla and Matt. Alla, from Ukraine, and Matt, from Ohio, appeared on 90 Day Diaries last year where they gave fans an update on their lives. When she first appeared on the show, Alla was with her son, Max, from a previous marriage. Matt had been married 3 times before. They met on a dating website and Matt eventually traveled to Kyiev, Ukraine to be with her. She and Matt got married and added to their family with son Marcus and daughter Emmalyn.

Annie and David Season 5

Another fan favorite couple, Annie and David’s love story began in Thailand, where David went after divorcing his wife. David, who has 3 children from a previous marriage, married Annie in Season 5 and the couple now live in Arizona. Fans have speculated that Annie may be pregnant, but that rumor remains unconfirmed. Although the pair do not post much on social media together, it is mainly due to the fact that Annie is busy promoting her clothing brand Boom Business by Annie. On their own spinoff David and Annie: After the 90 Days, the show documents them on their journey to bring Annie’s relatives to the United States. Even with these hardships, David and Annie have remained strong and in love.

Robert and Anny Season 7


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Season 7 couple Robert and Anny famously got engaged on the show a few hours after meeting each other. The couple married and had two children together. Devastatingly, their son Adriel passed away in September 2021 after suffering from a heart condition. Anny shared the devastating news on her social media accounts. While they are still grieving, the couple live Florida with Robert’s son Bryson and their shared daughter Brenda.

Yara and Jovi Season 8


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This Season 8 couple met on a dating website before meeting in person in Budapest and eventually getting married in 2020. They have appeared on both seasons 6 and 7 of the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In the most recent season, Jovi expressed his hopes of trying for another baby, but Yara said she did not feel ready. The pair are already parents to daughter Mylah, who was born in 2020. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them!

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