6 ‘White Lotus’ Season 2 Questions We Need Answered!

Episode 3 “Bull Elephants” left White Lotus fans with more questions and crazier theories. Here are 6 questions we have so far that we need to be answered before the season ends!

After the latest episode of White Lotus, we have plenty of burning questions that must be answered. Relationships are getting shuffled left and right, and that could spell doom for any of the vacationers. Let’s see what fans are speculating to happen in the upcoming episodes, and the questions we need answered.

Where is Greg really going?

As we know from episode 2, Greg was on the phone with someone who was certainly not Bill. He leaves Italy and Tanya, so it only begs the question; where is he actually going? The fortune teller revealed that her husband may be cheating on Tanya, but are we sure tarot cards are really accurate?

What was the fortune teller saying in Italian?

Thank goodness for Reddit, because this was going to drive us crazy. We aren’t sure how accurate this translation is but could it be predicting Tanya’s downfall? That is the last ending we are hoping for to be honest.

What are Cameron’s true intentions?

According to this fan theory, Harper called it from the start. This college roommate vacation is definitely a business scheme, and episode 3 definitely reassured that.

Could they be working as a team? Or maybe Daphne isn’t involved and just gets to do whatever she wants since she doesn’t ask questions.

Who is the guy in the pool?

Sensitive nips boy definitely got all of our hearts pumping, including Portia. We hope to see him come back around. He is the exact opposite of Albie, and that’s basically what Portia said she likes. We ship it! Sorry Albie, find another wounded bird.

Why did Portia steal the pills?

Similarly to Season 1, will this come back to bite Portia? What were the pills for? Will Tanya find out? More questions than answers per usual. An interesting thing to note is that Portia’s mannerisms are very similar to Tanya’s. One fan theory is almost so ridiculous and specific that it needed to be shared. This person had to be in the writer’s room if this turns out to be how it unfolds.

“Portia and Tanya will end up reversing roles. Portia’s job is to be an emotional crutch for Tanya. She is frustrated and exhausted. She is sinking deeper into depression. She is going to brush off Albie and may throw herself at Jack (pool guy). But what if Jack brushes HER off? (Was Jack eyeballing Portia — or Albie?) Or maybe Jack takes her to bed, uses her for one wild, or perhaps miserably disappointing, night, and then throws her away? Portia spirals deeper into depression. Her hoped-for Sicilian adventure is becoming a nightmare. She starts fooling around with the pills she’s stolen from Tanya. Suddenly Portia is the basket case, on the brink of disaster.”

Will Ethan be honest with Harper?

We all know the events that unfolded with Lucia, Mia, and Cameron. Even though it’s alluded to this entire time, we had a glimmer of hope that Ethan would do good. But as many men do, they disappoint. Will he reveal that Cameron cheated when the wives return? Or will he hide it because it makes him look guilty too? Harper is a smart girl so she will definitely know something is up. One fan theory thinks this could play out in Cameron’s favor.

Episode three ends with multiple possibilities. Portia may have found the man she was looking for, but the group of men who admiringly stared at Tanya remain a mystery; Greg and his secret have yet to be revealed; how the night will affect Cameron’s life is debatable; and will Dom become a changed man remains an open question. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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