6 Reasons to Watch ‘The Midnight Club’ on Netflix!

If you’re looking for a new watch this October, look no further than Netflix’s new show The Midnight Club. We’re sharing 6 reasons you need to check out this show!

Netflix recently dropped The Midnight Club, a horror mystery thriller created by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong, on October 7th, and there are so many reasons to give the series a watch. It follows eight terminally ill teenagers played by Iman Benson, Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Cymone, William Chris Sumpter, and Sauriyan Sapkota at a hospice who meet at midnight to tell scary stories. The group makes a pact that the first one to die must try to reach out and communicate from beyond the dead.


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The Acting is Excellent

Iman Benson already had us tearing up by the first episode with her incredible performance, and each actor in the series followed with a performance just as outstanding. Adia stunned in her acting debut. Rigney and Gilford, who also appeared in Flanagan’s Midnight Mass, give us both range and depth. The two are also set to be in Flanagan’s upcoming Netflix series, Fall of the House of Usher. Flanagan seemingly loves the two actors, and so do we!

It’s the Perfect Amount of Spooky

The scares are seamlessly sprinkled throughout the rest of the series and are not overly cheesy. As soon as the tears begin to swell, they are back to remind you that it’s a horror series. Flanagan is known for his chilling suspense rather than jump scares, and while there may be a few in the show, that isn’t all the series relies on. There’s a darker subplot that continues throughout the show. Every once in a while, when you’ve forgotten about the frightening aspects, they are back to send a chill up your spine with immaculate timing.

Each Character is Lovable and Quirky

Anya and her sass are impossible not to love. Sandra’s character development and love of angel porn have us mega-obsessed with her, and we all want the best for Spence and the rest of the crew. All eight club members have unique personalities without playing into stereotypes and cliches involving illness and disabilities. We can’t remember the last time we cared about a show’s characters this much.

It’s Incredibly Relatable

The series touches not only on terminal illness but also on sexuality, depression, and the fragility of life in a way that any viewer can relate to in some way. Expect the show to hit you in the feels. The series touches on some complex topics and will have you self-reflecting in the best way and feeling a little less alone.

The Storyline Will Keep You Hooked

The show does a fantastic job of making you invested in the characters and their storylines. As the show continues, viewers watch the characters grow and develop. The spooky storylines told at the club continue to be perfectly woven throughout the series and are nearly as interesting as the show’s actual plot.

It’s Also Funny

Nuggets of comedic gold are sprinkled throughout the series. However heavy the topic of the episode or scary the scene may be, you can count on the show to perfectly break it up with some laughter before things get too dark. Flanagan perfectly balances drama, horror, suspense, and comedy to make for a show that leaves you crying, laughing, and ready to hit “next episode.”

Ultimately the show was incredible, and we’re hoping Netflix will bless us with a second season!

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