6 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Ryan Murphy Shows!

Have you decided what you want to be this Halloween yet? If not we have some of the spookiest costumes right out of the Ryan Murphy universe!

Tate Langdon & Violet Harmon

Starting off with a classic and simple option. This is the perfect costume for any guy or girl who loves the first twisted season of American Horror Story: Murder House! This particular costume can be done in many variations and definitely hits those old-school emo vibes. If you decide to go for a couples costume you can also do a Violet and Tate moment which is sure to fulfill all of your hopeless romantic fantasies.

You can find part of the costume: https://a.co/d/6Pt0vt4

Chanel Oberlin

Who does not want to be the scariest diva for Halloween? Although this show ended awhile ago, Scream Queens still remains one of the most iconic and memorable horror tv shows. Happy “Chanel-O-Ween” Kapa Kapa Tau!

Find parts of the costume: https://a.co/d/blO4yuP

Myrtle Snow

Everyone loves Myrtle! She is the most iconic red-haired witch fans know and adore. She has charisma and fashion like no other which makes her character genuinely unique. Her mellow tones and odd sense of humor definitely call for a very special Halloween costume… Balenciagaaaa!!!

Find parts of the costume: https://a.co/d/8rvmBct; https://a.co/d/1uI09p0

Andy Warhol

Possibly the simplest one and easiest to put together at the last minute. The legendary artist Andy Warhol is a special and recurring character in the Ryan Murphy universe, especially after the Netflix show, The Warhol Diaries. Although it can be done with some variation, the list is very simple. Round glasses, a white short-haired wig, and something black for clothes.

The Countess

Another American Horror Story favorite is Lady Gaga’s role in season 5 of the show AHS: Hotel. This powerful and fierce costume is the perfect eye-catcher for any Halloween party. Elegant yet dark and eerie, this is the perfect costume for any Lady Gaga or Ryan Murphy fan!

Find parts of the costume: https://a.co/d/94dUJBp

Rubber Man

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Ryan Murphy-inspired costume list without this all-time favorite!

Find the costume: https://a.co/d/b6Ocyg6

What are your plans for this Halloween? Are there any TV shows that inspired your costume this spooky season?

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