6 Deaths That Changed The Game In ‘The Walking Dead’

A Lot has changed since the premiere of The Walking Dead. Here is a look at 6 deaths that changed the game for our heroes throughout the series.

The apocalypse is truly coming to an end on AMC’s The Walking Dead. That’s because Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple announced the series will conclude after season 11.

Our heroes will say their final goodbyes in 2022, with an extended 24-episode eleventh season, which we’re sure will be nothing but epic.

Throughout the years The Walking Dead has kept us on the edge of our seats with its twists and turns, especially when it comes to killing off some of its characters.

From the very beginning, the series set a tone that no one is safe in the apocalyptic world, which gave many fans a sense that anything can happen.

Due to the series coming to an end soon, I decided to come up with a list of the top 5 biggest deaths that made an impact on the series, and changed the game.

Glenn Rhee

So far Glenn had arguably one of the most brutal deaths in the series so far. The character met his demise on the season 7 premiere, when his skull was brutally bashed in by Negan.

What made his death that much worse was that his friends and wife Maggie had to watch.

Fans who read the comics knew Glenn’s death was coming soon, but for many who just focused on the series, it took them through a whirlwind of emotions.

Glenn was a key figure when it came to the team, and his death affected our heroes greatly, especially Maggie, who was pregnant with his child.

The character’s death was so huge, that it even affected the cast. Andrew Lincoln told the New York Times that he regretted how Glenn was killed off the show.

Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes death came completely out of left field. Like Glenn, fans have been following Carl since season one.

Rick’s son met his fate after being bitten by a walker due to saving Siddiq. Carl keeps this a secret from everyone, but during the season 8 mid-season finale he reveals to the team what happened.

It was a somber episode when the series returned, as Carl must say his goodbyes to his loved ones. He ultimately takes his own life by shooting himself in the head so he won’t turn into a walker.

This was a real tear jerker due to the fact that Carl had amazing character development. He was slowly turning into the leader that his father is.

For his friends and family, it was a tough pill to swallow, especially for his father Rick who has lost so much already.

Lori Grimes

Carl wasn’t the only family member Rick lost, Rick’s wife Lori also lost her life while giving birth to Judith in the prison in season 3.

This was a death that completely caught me off guard. Due to not reading the comics, I honestly thought Lori would have made it to the end.

What made Lori’s death even worse was that her son Carl had to put her down so she wouldn’t turn into a walker.

With the death of Lori, came the birth of Judith which was a major shifting point for Carl and Rick.

Beth Greene

Beth’s life came to an end after being shot by Dawn in the head during season 5 of the mid-season.

Fans including myself were instantly shocked because her death happened so suddenly.

We were introduced to Beth in season 2 as a girl who stood in the backlines, but throughout her character arc she developed into someone who wanted to become stronger for her friends and herself.

What made Beth’s demise that much more gut wrenching was that her character was finally coming into her own. She died while trying to stand up for what is right.

Beth’s death left her sister Maggie in shambles, due to the fact that Beth was Maggie’s last living immediate family member.

Sophia Peletier

After Sophia went missing during season 2 many fans including myself were hopeful she would be found safe and sound, but unfortunately that was not the case.

A couple of episodes in, it was revealed that she was bitten by a walker, which caused her to turn into one as well.

Ultimately Rick is the one who is forced to shoot the new walker in the head leaving Carol heartbroken, but puts her onto a road of self discovery, which changes Carol into a leader who many now look up to.

Shane Walsh

Shane’s death was a major game changer for the series. It revealed that everyone in the Walking Dead Universe has the virus in them, and if you die, you turn into a walker, unless you’re shot in the head.

This all happened during season 2 after Shane was about to shoot Rick. Rick ultimately kills Shane, but after his death turns into a walker. Carl would then shoot Shane in the head.

Who do you think had the biggest death that changed the game in The Walking Dead? Let us know!

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