6 Celebrities Who Have Unique Pets As Their Companions!

While most celebrities have dogs as their companions, there are quite a few, like Kaley Cuoco and Nicole Kidman, who have really unique pets. We’re taking a look at 6 celebrities who have owned special pets, in honor of National Love Your Pet Day!

Taylor Swift and Her Cats

Though cats aren’t unusual pets to own, Taylor Swift’s cats have become celebrities of their own. The singer-songwriter currently owns 3 cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. It’s no secret that the only things that Swift loves more than music are these cats, and we don’t blame her after looking at these sweet kitties!


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Kaley Cuoco and Her Horses

Kaley Cuoco definitely has her hands full with how many pets she and her family owns. But some of her more unique pets include her horses, which makes sense since the actress is also an expert equestrian. Her beloved horses include Zee-Yah, Bella, and dwarf horse Shmooshy.


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Leonardo DiCaprio and His Tortoise

Back in 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio became the proud owner of a pet tortoise. But not just any tortoise. DiCaprio brought home an African spurred tortoise, otherwise known as a Sulcata tortoise. This animal could live up to 70 years in the wild and up to 100 years in captivity, so DiCaprio has a companion for the rest of his life in this pet.

Tori Spelling and Her Pig

You’ve probably heard of the pig that went to the market and the pig that went wee, wee, wee all the way home. But have you heard of the pig that joined the Spelling-McDermott family? Actress and author Tori Spelling introduced the sweet animal named Nutmeg as the family’s new pet in 2017. After looking at all of the pictures that Spelling has shared, we want our own Nutmeg!


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Slash and His Reptiles

Is there such a thing as too many pets? For musician Slash, the answer is no. At one point, he owned about 100 reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. Slash is undoubtedly an advocate for animals and received the Tom Mankiewicz Leadership Award for his involvement in the causes of wildlife and environment protection.


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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and Their Alpacas

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are definitely animal lovers. If their love for their pets doesn’t prove that, we don’t know what will. The couple, along with their daughters, have added dogs, cats, chicken, and fish to the family. But they also have alpacas! Kidman has shared that the animals can be a little fierce, but wow what fun pets to have.

We hope that you are giving all of your pets, whether they are dogs, cats, or anything in between, all of your attention and love today. They deserve all the special treats!

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